Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Beetle is finished!

It was a labor of love and I truly do love it! I finally got all of the accent pieces on and have driven it a couple of times. I get a lot of thumbs up when I cruise through town!

New seat covers and steering wheel cover
add just the right touch to the inside.

Eyelashes, chrome details, seat covers and she is ready to travel.

A few final touches with the hear and the NC. Go Natrona!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beetle is almost done!!!

Now I am just waiting on the clips for the chrome to arrive so I can attach it all. I can't wait to get out and drive this beauty all over town. I bet I get a lot of offers to buy it. I will just have to say "NO!"
Putting on the first layer of the clear coat. 

All finished with the paint job. She did a great job. 

The only thing I have left is to put on the
chrome detailing. I have to wait for the clips
to arrive. I forgot to order those! Oops!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is how Zoe and I spent our weekend in the mountain. I took pictures of her and the most important spots we can always recognize. We plan on heading back up to the cabin over Labor Day weekend for a break desperately needed!

My beautiful daughter, Zoe.

This is called Crystal Cave. Every year it grows more crystals
that people take as souvenirs. It is rumored it is an egress for
Tongue River Canyon Cave. 

This is known as Fallen City. The trees have
covered the rocks that looked as though they
once had been a city that fell down the mountain

This is Steamboat Rock. I have climbed it twice! Zoe insists
that I climb it with her before she graduates! I have four years to
get back into shape!

Diigo Connection 08/23/2013

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beetle is so close to being done!!!!

Prepare yourselves, because you are about to see "unique-awesomeness"!!! I wasn't quite sure what it was going to look like, but now I just stare at its creative look.

Putting the finishing touches of tape on! She conveniently made
a peace sign on the hood!

Tape is done and the brown goes over the top!

Putting the final touches of brown over the taped designs.

The first peeling of the painter's tape. I was holding my
breath as they began this process.

It took quite awhile to remove the tape and the sun was long
gone. But, the orange and brown giraffe has emerged!
The final steps are coming up soon! It will receive two layers of clear gloss coat to cure for a few days. Then, the papers will be removed, new chrome will be put on, the bumpers and lights will be put back on and the license plate will be attached with new tags. The most exciting new thing will be the eyelashes on the headlights! This giraffe Beetle will be the talk of the town!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beetle Progress

Here is the progress so far! We could be a lot further, however the rain and lightning has put a damper on things.

Two coats of white for the base coat and beginning the orange!

Two coats of orange!

Using painter's tape to make the giraffe print. We are
still working on getting the tape done.
Once the tape is finished, it is on to painting the brown spots with highlights. The final step will be the gloss over coat that will have to cure. Progress is being made!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beetle happenings!

I had a little time on my hands today so I shopped online for Beetle parts. I am so excited! I got a new set of exterior chrome, new sun visors, brake and clutch pedal covers, new buttons that raise the seats, a new hubcap to replace the one that rolled down the road one day, and a new parts catalog is on the way! This bug is going to be the talk of the town! We couldn't paint anymore today with the rain that has been so intermittent. But, I will post more pictures when I can!